VRstudios & TPCAST’s wireless technology in a new VRcade product line

VRstudios, the leading provider of award-winning VR solutions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE), announced today, a partnership with TPCAST Technologies headquartered in Beijing. VRstudios will become the first commercial distribution partner of TPCAST in the United States, and will be deploying TPCAST’s wireless technology in a new VRcade product line to be announced soon. VRstudios currently has deployed 50 systems of its next generation VRcade products in 14 countries around the globe. The partnership with TPCAST will provide VRstudios with technology that will be utilized for a new product concept that will complement the company’s existing VRcade Zone and VRcade Arena systems.

“VRstudios was the first company in the world to provide totally wireless, full-motion capability to virtual reality,” said Kevin Vitale, VRstudios’ CEO in a statement. “By partnering with TPCAST we can provide an even more comprehensive product line of high performance attractions to address the requirements of LBE facilities around the globe. This exemplifies the benefits of our Attraction Management Platform(tm) that has been designed to allow easy integration of the best emerging technologies in the VR industry.”

“We are excited to partner with VRstudios, the leader in delivering immersive VR attractions to the commercial LBE market, and enable them to expand the LBE industry and create a pivotal change in the future of wireless, full-motion, arena-scale VR,” said Udi Yuhjtman, TPCAST’s North America GM. “TPCAST is committed to the VR market by supporting untethered high-end systems providing a fully immersive experience with enhanced video and audio quality.”

VRstudios recently announced its Attraction Management Platform (AMP), the VRcade Arena, an 8-player, free roaming, warehouse-scale system, and Terminal 17, a high action multi-player arena game, as the latest additions to its product line. AMP as well as a half-sized VRcade Arena will be demonstrated for the first time publicly at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo in Orlando, Florida, November 14-17.

TPCAST is already available for HTC Vive and most recently the company announced work on a version for Oculus Rift. The company has said the Wireless Adapter will be available by the end of Q4 2017, supporting 2K video transmission at 90FPS with sub 2ms latency and a 5 hour battery life.