Conceptual design for fashionable mixed reality goggles

While the fashion industry continues to develop new and creative ways to use this VR technology, one designer has taken on the responsibility of making VR headsets look super stylish.

Imagined by designer Jae Hyeon of Korean studio PDF Haus for the brand Givenchy, these glasses express the desire of the world of fashion to embrace the new AR and VR technologies, increasingly present in our daily lives.

The conceptual headset design resembles a stylish pair of sunglasses, complete with round, colorfully tinted lenses and a form that would provide a comfortable fit for extended wear.

The VR lens can be lifted to use the device’s AR capabilities.

Like the lens on a camera, the lenses on these VR glasses have the potential to be adjusted with built-in focus rings.

There is no indication that these will ever be anything more than a concept, but if they are, you’ll likely find us in line for a pair.

There are many high-fashion brands that have embraced both augmented and virtual technologies for in-store, runway and product experiences, but it remains to be seen which design house will be the first to produce a functional and fashion-forward VR headset.