Artificial intelligence and drones monitor construction projects in real time

The combined use of drones and artificial intelligence is designed to significantly accelerate construction projects and make the construction flaws visible at the end of the workday. The process entails sending a drone over a construction site and/or sending a rover inside of a construction site after the workday is complete to capture photos and 3D scans of the entire project.

Using Doxel’s deep learning technology, the AI is able to perform a number of analyses automatically, specifically for quality, budget and scheduling. By comparing the scans and images to the building information modelling of the project, the AI is able to detect discrepancies between how something was actually installed and how it was meant to be installed.

The software also cross-references installed quantities against the numerous line items in a project’s budget, providing real-time insight into how much has been spent for a day’s work. The quantities are also cross-referenced against schedules, so that project managers know where the project stands in relation to each day’s planned activities.

A project manager can rely on the information that Doxel provides at the end of the workday, and then use that information to inform the next day’s activities. If an item has been installed incorrectly, that project team can address the issue before too much time elapses.

About $ 4.5 million is being raised by investors to further develop the company. Well-known venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz tops the list of investors.